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if the text/screen could be scrolled this would be playable on mobile. but alas... bottom bits of longer passages trail offscreen

Hey! Thank you for checking out the game. I can scroll on my mobile device but I know it can across different mobile devices. I will look into this. For now, the best experience is probably on a tablet or PC. 

Again thanks for checking it out! Hope you enjoy Act 1 as Act 2 is coming shortly

I hope I do too when I can try it. pc needs repairs. sadface.

I found out that defaulted the game landscape on mobile.  I change that to portrait since most mobile text-based games are portrait. Hopefully, that should work for you. 

Again, thank you so much for caring enough to reach out and letting me know of the issue. 

you're very welcome. all yext seems to display now.

Definitely a change from the status quo of games these days. It's refreshing to have a game focused solely on the narrative and that leaves room for imagination. It's like an interactive book!


welcome to the world of 'interactive fiction'. keep going down this road and you'll find some great games n tales~

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Thank you so much for checking the game out! Plans for Act 2 is coming shortly!