A downloadable game

A game for Women Game Jam (Still in Development)

Margaret - 2D artist/ UIUX designer 

Sarah - Composer

Valencia - Programmer

This game is about a bunny waking up in a strange dream.  Either download or play the game here: https://simmer.io/@VCgames/the-rabbish-adventures

More about the creators:

Sarah Jean is a composer and sound designer from Melbourne, Australia. She writes music for songs, games, films and more. Check out more of her music on www.sjsmusic.com.au

Margaret is a fresh game design graduate from RMIT University who designs levels, games, UI UX and characters! Feel free to take a look at her portfolio: https://catbonemargaretwon.wixsite.com/margaretgamedesign

Valencia Coleman got her BS in Computer Science with a focus on game programming graduate and currently pursuing her MFA degree in Interactive Media and Game Design from SCAD. 

Developer Log:

8/23/2021 - Updated build 1 with basic controls.

9/7/2021  - Added some UI elements with direction